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We are more resilient than we realize, our body’s constantly strive to achieve homeostasis for optimal function. Many of these processes happen without us even thinking about them. The trouble is we often will ignore the warning signs as we have become conditioned to push ourselves in ways that are not always useful. This leads to the development of aches and pains and illness. Unfortunately, many may be born with a genetic predisposition and life is about learning to live alongside those.

Through reconnecting body and mind, we start to appreciate how they are there to support each other and to assist us in dealing with daily stressors or trauma’s that have occurred.

Body work is extremely effective as it presents an opportunity to learn and understand the language of your body and the story it wants to tell, as opposed to only listening to what your mind thinks is going on.

By making space and time for both we allow optimal healing.

I have often found that if my nervous system is in balance, my body moves better, my thoughts are clearer, my mood is more balanced and my capacity to deal with life’s daily surprises is greater.

I focus on releasing and rebalancing stress and trauma through body work.

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